Friday, August 11, 2006

A Good Reason to Paint

A few days ago, I posted A Rose by Any Other Note [Link to Post], and noticed the winning bid was from someone that is not on my Everyday Paintings Mailing list [click here to join], so I was curious enough to ask how this person found my work, and what interested them in my painting of a rose on a piano keyboard. I received the following, touching story as part of an e-mail today:
This painting is an anniversary gift for my wife. I searched eBay by “art”; “painting” in the categories and by “oil and rose” in words. I believe that I got +1,000 hints. I believe I scrolled through 56 pages of paintings. To give you some background, here is more of the story: My wife’s father died two weeks ago, and at his funeral was a cross-stitch that was in their home for more that forty years that read: God gave us memories that we might have roses in December My wife wrote thanks to the many World War II veterans and special friends that were at his funeral the following note: You are the petals to my rose of my father. Your times with him and the stores that were told, adds the texture, feel, and color to my memory of him. You are part of my many pictures that I will store and allow his rose to bloom in my memory each time I think of him. You are special to me!
I love it when I know my paintings are in the homes of good people, gentle souls. Update A few hours later, I received this sweet letter from a woman in Hong Kong:
I really want to send you an email long time ago to say - Thank you. About 2 months ago, I saw your painting "Anya" on ebay [Click here to see that painting —dd.] As you know there is a lot of factory made paintings which say they are a "original painting by an artist," it really hard to find a painting with a soul (I'm sorry my English is not good, wish you understand my meaning) I live in Hong Kong and attended art school in Vancouver, graduated on 1996, major is painting and my wish is to be a painter. Because my family is in Hong Kong and my dad hoped I would come back to take care of his business so I went back in 1996, stopped painting since then... just because I don't have place to paint, and I use up my energy on my dad's business. There is so many things happen between these 10 years, I met my husband, married and still work in my dad's company although I am not good at doing business. I always want to see more painting so I go to ebay because it is so convenience, but really hard to find nice ones. When I saw your painting, it really impress me. Then, I went to your website and the artist links of daily painters on your site... because of these actions, my life began to change. I picked up my paint brush and painted since last month, trying to catch back my drawing skill... I am trying to turn my life and wish I can become a painter on the rest of my life, I know the future is not easy. My husband really support me when I told him my thought. Thanks God gave me my husband, not because he support me to be a painter, because he has a gentle soul. And, thanks God give me a chance to meet you on ebay. Your works and your effort totally influence my life. One more thing I want to share... I placed a bid on your painting "New Wool Hat" [Click here to see that post —dd] (actually I considered for few days, because it is so beautiful, I really want to have this artwork), then someone put a bid much higher then mine immediately. I think he really love this painting so I did not place a higher bid. It wasn't because of the price, I am so happy someone love it and it may give another change on someone else's life, as I have got.
This kind of thing is very rewarding to me. I am touched that I have somehow inspired an artist in Hong Kong to pick up her brushes and paint again!


Takeyce said...

Awesome, David. Thanks for sharing! Just in case I haven't mentioned this before.. you've also inspired an artist in NY to pick up a paintbrush, AND pastel sticks!
You're awesome.

Darren Maurer said...

Those are two great emails. They made my day just reading them. By the way, you have also inspired two artists in Sioux City, Iowa that have been painting for years! We have in turn inspired a few others to do the same. You are awsome. Thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

That's my best friend you're talking about inspiring all those other artists! Well done, Dave!

It's a kind of "paint it forward" trend I'm watching unfold!

Wonderful e-mails and great follow-up comments, too!


David said...

Wow. At a loss for words. Wow. Very cool.

Joanne said...

Wow! How cool! You never know...

Peter Yesis said...

This has got to be the most heart filled post I have ever read on any blog. It shows that your art is not always done on canvas, and you have creations you may never see.
Thank you for sharing something so wonderful.