Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Art News about Daily Painters

USA Today has an article about us Daily Painters—and appropriately honors Duane Keiser for his pioneering efforts. A remarkable man. There's no mention of my name— also appropriate, since I have still not achieved my goal of one painting per day, which is a goal entirely inspired by Duane's great work. Nevertheless, I am painting everyday (I generally take one day a week off, however) and am learning so much in the process. It's been a great journey.
Why buy art from eBay? According to the article: "The Internet has created a new form of art galleries, and it has allowed artists to become independent entrepreneurs," says Peter Togel, an artist and co-owner of, a new art auction site. "The consumers of the art are people who have white walls and midsized incomes, who could never pay for a painting in a gallery but don't want to go to Wal-Mart to buy a poster."
Here's to you, Duane Keiser, and Justin Clayton, too! And thanks to Mick McGinty, my good friend, for sending the article to me. Mick, a long time friend from Art School in the late '70s, is a constant inspiration to me. May we all fill the world with good art!


Doug Jones said...

I was going to ask what issue of USA Today had the article in it... then I clicked on the title and went right to it! Thanks so much for passing this along. I look at the ones mentioned AND yours each day for inspiration.

David R. Darrow said...

Thanks Doug! Nice to hear.

I don't imgine the publicity has hurt Duane and Justin any! :-)

bdelpesco said...

David, Thanks so much for the link to the article. What a thrill to see DK getting even more recognition. He's created a face & name for an exercise in painting that's becoming an art-movement, and I'm so glad to be witnessing, and learning from it.

Darren Maurer said...

It is great that this practice is starting to get so much recognition. David inspired me to get started back in March and I haven't regreted it once. Mick is a very inspiring person. He and I talk on an almost daily basis and I always come away from the conversations ready to paint.

Luis Colan said...

Hi David, I saw the article yesterday and printed it up. Now it's hanging on my studio wall as a reminder of the kind of commitment and drive one should have as an artist. I was very happy to see the article, and I'm very proud of all of you who paint everyday and post your creations for all of us to see. Take care.