Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Fragrance of Gardenias

The Fragrance of Gardenias by David R. Darrow 7" x 6" (17.78cm x 15.24cm)
Oil on Panel SOLD Collection of Martin Margolies
Dothan, AL – USA

About This Painting

I am one who loves the fragrance of Gardenias.

I think they are nearly as beautiful as they smell. The fragrance is such a delightful, powerful characteristic of the flower, that I only need to see the new blooms in my wife's flower pot on our front porch and my memory alone serves up olfactory memories that compel me to take a moment to bend over and smell these velvety, white floral delicacies.

But how to set it in a painting? We don't have enough for a bouquet.

Fortunately, artists find beauty in the discards of others. A few months ago I caught the tail end of a multi-family, garage-sale morning, and found the kinds of deals I was there for: anything left over that would be fun to paint. (I also scored 12 CDs for $2, but that has little to do with this painting other than that I listened to one of them — Harry Connick, Jr.'s "20" — among others while painting this).

I got this perfect little glass bowl for a dime.

And I didn't even have to talk the lady down!

There is a video "walk through" of the painting process here, on

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karin Jurick said...

beautiful painting david - the looser edges, especially around the flower give an impression of an aura - as if the aroma is radiating from the bloom. very special piece.

Darren Maurer said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that hunts down other people's left overs at garage sales and flea markets to use for painting props. Very nice piece.

Doug said...

I recently found your wonderful paintings. Then I discovered your podcasts. They are really great.

Then... I saw the tribute to your dad. What can I say. You did a most excellent job with that. Even though you (and your family) are complete strangers to me, I felt a lot in common with your family and couldn't hold back the tears. A truly great and moving tribute... thanks for sharing.