Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Video Paintcast™ of 'Ixia'

David R. Darrow's Paintcast™I just posted a new Paintcast™ time-lapse video of the entire process of painting Ixia — the painting I did last week. (There is no audio on the Paintcast). It is recommended that you view it in iTunes. Be sure to let iTunes know you want to update that particular podcast by right-clicking on the Podcast title and choosing "Update Podcast." Note: Click here to see a sharper version of it.
The Ixia video may not show up in the episode list if you are "Subscribing" for the first time. It will probably show up tomorrow, but it's still available.
If you do not have iTunes, you can instead view it here, on YouTube, but the quality is not as good. [Download iTunes here]. I got a cute e-mail response to this video:
Dear Mr. Darrow, We just watched your paintcast and were awed. We thought you did a FANTASTIC job! You are a wonderful artist! We thought the flower was real. It took us 4 minutes and 19 seconds to figure out what the painting was for sure, although some of us had the correct guess earlier. When you were done, we all applauded. Hip hip hooray! From, The new students in Miss Hromec's second grade class Montgomery School San Jose, CA

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"van Vliet" Art Blog said...

Nice video David. I sent the link to my subscribe list today so they could enjoy your painting process. Well done.