Friday, September 22, 2006

Bouquet In The Making

Bouquet In The Making by David R. Darrow 7" x 5" (17.78cm x 12.7cm)
Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD Collection of Jolie Elman
Glendora, CA – USA

About This Painting

My wife brought home this brilliant — practically glow-in-the-dark — lily yesterday. She's going to pot it... but she brought it in announcing "here's your next painting!"

She was right. I am so fascinated with lilies. The flower buds, or pods, kind of sneak up on you and suddenly bloom — the floral equivalent of an explosion. The aroma of several of them is so fragrant, and can fill a room with their perfume. And they are just beautiful.

Knowing how fast this would turn into a full-fledged bouquet, I got going on this painting right away.

And maybe someone reading this has never heard of this, but every time I am within a mile or two of a fresh lily bouquet (okay, I exaggerated... I mean in the same room) my wife warns me not to get too close to those stamen things, because "the pollen stain is impossible to get rid of."

I still picture all of the poor little the bees out there with stained hips.

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Anonymous said...

Just a comment as a floral arranger, of sorts. Always, always run your hand gently up the stamens, and remove the pollen things on the end. Flower lasts twice as long and, she's right, no stains. Wash hands thoroughly.

Nice, vivid painting. I really like it. Feels almost real to me.

David R. Darrow said...

Thanks for the tips, and the compliments!

Peter Yesis said...

A beautifully painted piece. Isn't it a wonderful thing to have a wife that has an eye for still life subjects? I think you'll find that an artist's spouse is usually right about the thing 90% of the time. That only gives us 10% to left to play with.