Saturday, September 02, 2006


Ixia by David R. Darrow 5-1/8" x 14-3/4" (13.02cm x 37.47cm)
Oil on Stretched Cotton Canvas SOLD Collection of Charlotte McDavid
Birmingham, AL – USA

About This Painting

Among the many flowers my wife grows in various sized pots around our home, she absolutely delights in this vapor of a flower called Ixia.

These delicate-stemmed little "crowns" grow from a bulb, spread over the years, but produce only one blooming per year. They take seemingly forever from the time they break the ground to the time they grow 18 inches or more and finally bloom ("forever" is to be taken in the context of my own sense of time, in which, as a child, I pulled up literally all of my hand-planted carrots to see how they were doing).

They burst with a few blooms... three or four, maybe more... and then they are done. That's it. See you next year.

All that waiting.

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ming said...

very unique ;ainting, thanks for the botani lesson:)