Monday, January 01, 2007

Fresh Start

New Year

Well, there are certain markers in life that tell you to just move on. One such marker was displayed on my computer this morning as I rubbed my bleary eyes. The beginning of a New Year, with all its promise, marks also the death of the former. Nothing says yesterday is gone forever quite like the change of a digit or two in the year.

In February of what is now last year, I decided to see if I could paint one new painting every day. In fact, initially I set it as a goal. Today, I have no intention of trying to catch up. I am just going to let 2006 fade away. In many ways it was one of the worst and hardest years of my life. That having been said, I also accomplished — even amidst some personal failures — painting nearly 60 oil paintings and selling all but one of them. I will always look back at 2006 for what it brought me, and less about what it took away.

2007 carries with it a burden of uncertainty which at the moment feels greater than that of January 1, 2006. And as with most of my later years to date, I have the past to look at and see God's grace in it all, and His love and care for me, and for that I am grateful for where I am. Thus far, I have always made it through.

Now, on to the future!

I do find it interesting that my very last piece of legitimate, year-2006 e-mail (going by time-stamp) was from the Daily Painters mailing list. Is that a message for my future?

Oh, and if you are wondering what ever happened to that painting of the Christmas Cookies I announced two weeks ago... I completely lost enthusiasm for it, and so it remains "half baked" in my abandoned paintings pile. Said pile is only 2 paintings deep, however, and does not equal my unfinished paintings pile in size. The difference between the two piles is probably all in my head, and I know that these started works of art are free to travel to each other's neighborhood at any time. So, who knows?

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