Thursday, June 29, 2006

Seated Female Nude

Seated Female Nude by David R. Darrow 12" x 16" (30.48cm x 40.64cm)
Oil on Triple-Gessoed Mahogany Panel, unframed SOLD Collection of Peter Slusarczyk
Craigie, W. Australia – Australia

About This Painting

Why do artists paint nudes?

It's a tradition as old as drawing, and painting, especially as art training began six or seven hundred years ago.

Probably the best argument for painting a nude is the sheer beauty, elegance and magnificence of the human form — in my opinion God's most spectacular creation.

Beyond that, due to its inherent difficulty, it keeps the artist honest: If I paint a tree wrong, who knows? if I take shortcuts on a landscape, you won't know. But if I paint anything incorrectly on a human form, it's immediately obvious. That's where drawing and painting from the figure is unparalleled training for the artist. And it's just as valuable for "brush-up" (pun intended) for the seasoned painter, as well.

I love the way form is brought out visually by a single light source on the model. And the way muscle and structure are enhanced by the lighting, even though the model is at rest.

It is always a joy to get to paint from the human figure.

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