Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Restarting the Broadcast Soon.

The Dave the Painting Guy show has a huge problem: to be a show, it must broadcast. At the moment, no one is watching me paint except cobs. (They make cobwebs, of course). That is because I am not broadcasting. And that is because I cannot.

It appears my broadcasting problem is related to a damaged motherboard, or possibly the "i/o circuit" (that's computer talk for "i/o circuit"). To see what I am referring to, view this video. (Ignore the word "Start" in the middle. It was a screen capture).

Evidence of GlitchWithin my first broadcast in San Jose, April 23 (three weeks after moving here) my main cam started doing that weird glitchie thing. I assumed it was the camera, a cable or something else, but with each broadcast since then, it has become less stable.

I am finally ready to get back to broadcasting at least twice weekly, but I find I cannot broadcast at all. (Bummer) I am going to have to buy a new computer, and I do not have enough cash for it.

So we're on hold until I replace my broadcasting computer so I can once again regularly broadcast the Dave the Painting Guy Paintcast™ — Sorry!


Nina Stephens said...

I am doing my part, cuz I am having Darrow Dt's... Thanks for sharing your talent with us broke and starvin beginners. said...

Excellent idea! I hope this leads to a blizzard of incoming paypal flurries, a screaming fast, new computer and a season of good things to kick off the new year.:)

Marlene Ford said...

Thank you Dave for the continued opportunity to learn from you. Like others, I miss watching you work and am excited that you are working to get back on the air. Thank you again
Marlene Ford
New Hope PA