Friday, December 19, 2008

Ashton's Morning

Ashton's Morning by David R. Darrow 14" x 11" (35.6cm x 27.9cm) Oil on Canvas Panel

About This Painting

Ashton is a young woman I met when her family was on vacation to Carlsbad, CA.

She had me at the Coke machine.

Really! I was walking by the soda fountain on my way out the door to the back patio with my new, ice cold Palapa Pale Ale at Pizza Port when this striking beauty with large, dark eyes and cascading black curls turned towards me as she finished filling her glass. She smiled and turned to return to her table.

I have to paint her.

I followed her to her table, where she joined her family. Her mother and father, also very attractive people, looked at me with raised eyebrows as I stumbled through my introduction, telling them I am a real artist – "See, here's my card, and it has one of my paintings on it..." – asking them if I could possibly arrange some time to paint their daughter.

They both looked at her.

She gave a look to her dad that was sort of a wide-eyed head-shake that communicated Hey, I don't know any more about this than you do, but it sounds fun! They explained to me that they were just down here on vacation, but if they could squeeze in some time before heading home, they would call me.

They called and dad brought his 17-year-old treasure over to my studio for a quick photoshoot. It is rare that I have gotten so many paintable reference pictures in such a short time. She's as photogenic as she is beautiful, but her face, eyes, head-shape, hair and mouth are as easily paintable as anyone I have ever met.

And she's a truly sweet soul.

* * *
This painting was completed on my Dave the Painting Guy live broadcast.

It s available as an 11 x 14-matted giclee in my online store. ◙

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reclining Nude 2

Reclining Nude 2 by David R. Darrow 10" x 8" (25.4cm x 20.3cm) Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD Collection of William Rowett New London, New Hamshire – USA

About This Painting

This nude was painted as a demonstration on my live broadcast Dave The Painting Guy (My free, live, Internet broadcast). ◙

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