Sunday, November 14, 2010

Creek at Broad Street - San Luis Obispo

Creek at Broad Streetby David R. Darrow
6" x 6" (15.2cm x 15.2cm)
Oil on Canvas Panel

Collection of Doris Darrow
Sunnyvale, CA – USA

About This Painting

A few weeks ago I visited San Luis Obispo, CA for the annual plein air event. I haven't been to SLO for decades, so it was nice to see what's changed and what hasn't.

The Thursday night Farmer's Market on Higuera Street downtown beats any street party I have ever seen. With evening light speckling the streets through the trees while the smoky aroma of meat on grills fills the air, vendors display produce, various wares, creams, ointments, incense, health drinks, jewelry and so on — it's a street-fair on steroids every week!

Just around the corner, Broad Street crosses a beautiful little creek, just a few feet south of the San Luis Obispo Art Center where the plein air festival has its gallery. This creek meanders through town, popping in and out of view, sometimes running under several blocks of downtown's multi-story buildings betraying its centuries-old, natural history of following the path of least resistance.

One morning I parked my easel by the creek between Chorro and Broad, and began this little painting in the warm morning sun as passers by chatted or friends gathered above the creek for morning coffee and conversation at any of several establishments with balconies or patios overlooking this serene view from their manufactured vistas.

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Brenda Boylan said...

David, I've walked through that creek at a brutal 2am back when I was going to college at Cal Poly. It was a rite of passage the week prior school starting.
Thanks for posting this beautiful memory. I love that town and hope to attend the SLO plein air event if not for the art event, but certainly for the memories. A beautiful place to live indeedie do!

from GGA said...


Unknown said...

Beautiful expression. I grew up in SLO and walked the length of that creek many times. When I worked downtown I would eat my lunch within sight of the bridge (which was transplanted from the Sinsheimer School and Park area). I tell everyone who heads that way to be there for the farmers market on Thursday evenings and my kids have also along walked the creek the times we have visited.