Wednesday, November 29, 2006

San Diego Magazine Article

David in his Studio
David R. Darrow in his home studio
San Diego Magazine, December 2006, Pg 42

A small article appears in this month's issue of San Diego Magazine about me and the concept of 'Daily Painting' and selling on eBay (it's the second article down). It's a short article, but hits all the major points on why I do what I do.

My thanks to author Julia Beeson, for her interest in my work, and for taking the time interview me. It was fun to read, and I appreciate the exposure!

I want to note to my fellow Daily Painters that in the interview I mentioned the group, the site, and even the links of several of you, but which did not make it into the article.


Peter Yesis said...

I really like the Hawaian flavored shirt. If I painted in that t would have a new design everyday.
Congratulations on the article. You are an inspiration and an example of how to add that spark of humanity to our daily work.

David R. Darrow said...

Well, Peter, I do live in San Diego, and when you're about to turn 50, you must start wearing Hawaiian shirts. It's the Law!

Okay, I confess, I "dressed up" for the photo-op... but those are my actual 'painting pants.'

I have to remember not to wear any new clothes when I sit down to paint, otherwise I will inevitably unwittingly contribute to my ever-growing collection of "painting clothes" (i. e. - those items of clothing that now bear one or more randomly-placed smears of oil paint), the majority of which are wholly unsuitable for wearing in public.

Thank you for your gracious words.

Anonymous said...

It may be a Hawaiian shirt but I'm pretty sure it's polyester flavored... :)

Congrats on nice write up, buddy!


David R. Darrow said...

Leave it to a best friend to denigrate your shirt material...

All my Hawaiian shirts are either cotton or rayon. No polyester in my closet.

I once read an article about how many polyesters have to be killed just to make one shirt, and from that day I swore I would not support that industry.