Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dancer Emily

Dancer Emily by David R. Darrow 6" x 9" (15.2cm x 22.9cm)
Oil on Canvas mounted on Panel SOLD Collection of Faith Hudnell
New York, NY – USA

About This Painting

I had a conversation very recently about what it is that really makes people what they call themselves... or what they really are, almost as an identity.

There are many people who dance, but few are "dancers." It's hard to describe what I mean without holding up two fingers on each of my hands and dramatizing the quotes around each end of the word "dancer" to make my point.

There are musicians and then there are "musicians" — there are artists, and then there are "artists."

It goes beyond what the person does... it goes into their soul. Or maybe it's better put that what they do comes out of their soul. They live and breathe it. It comes so naturally to them, yet they continue to work at it, all their lives, never satisfied completely, yet never dissatisfied enough to stop. Always learning, always working, always improving. They must do it.

Emily is a dancer from the soul.

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Christina said...

I love your attention to the littlest details, like the part in her hair. As always, a wonderful painting.

Jon Conkey said...

David, You always have interesting stories and comments with your reading this one, I am reminded of what Jesus said "practice who you say "I am" until others say "you are". There is no shortage of folks telling everyone what or who they are, but in the end, it is "society" that truly decides who is what. David you are a fine painter. Cheers

Nina Kuriloff said...

A very lovely painting!

Larry Seiler said...

very nice piece...!!! Caught my eye...right off.