Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Other Everyday Painters

I never claimed to have invented this idea... in fact, I and several others I have since found in this great big world who are doing daily paintings (some of them more successful at it than me) all seem to give the supreme nod to Duane Keiser as the pioneer. To my surprise, Duane announced yesterday that he will paint the small ones less frequently. I guess sustaining daily, finished work can take its toll. I don't know... I have yet to pull it off consistently. Some fellow I have never met, with the artistic name of Charlie Parker, wrote a blog entry yesterday mentioning me and my work, as well as others. I clicked on some of the names of the others listed there and was particularly impressed with the truly daily work of Karin Jurick. Another, not mentioned is Darren Maurer, who caught fire when he learned, through a mutual friend, about Duane doing daily paintings. Check out his blog. I think his work is fantastic. I suppose if there was a way to pat someone's back by e-mail, we'd all be circulating that e-mail over and over. Funny how, despite the competition, our very nature compells us to root for the others, and keep the beautiful artwork flowing. The world needs art. People need originals on their walls. People need to hand down original artwork to future generations. We're making it affordable. Let's hear it for us! <sound of lone cricket chirping>


Unknown said...

Very impressive paintings here!!

Luis Colan said...

hi, I've seen that this whole painting a day has caught on big time. I'm very impressed with the commitment all the artists show trough this kind of work. I wish I had the time to create a small painting a day! Good job guys and good luck