Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Chicago Dave

Chicago Dave by David R. Darrow 8" x 8" (20.3cm x 20.3cm)
Oil on Stretched Canvas
SOLD Collection of Cruz Melf
Bolingbrook, IL – USA

About This Painting

I've painted this fellow before.

He's a friend with whom I have a lot in common. And it turns out he's a great character model. The fact that he's a musician makes me want to use him as a musician model, obviously, but he's so full of life and is such fun to talk and laugh with that it's just tempting to see what else we can come up with using his ambiguous mug.

Dave's also from Chicago, and makes it no secret. He's been here — oh, I don't know how long — and still waxes on about Chicago. In less lucid moments he even feigns that accent, where you can just about imagine him hamming, "da' Bears."

Chicago Dave is the only model I can remember telling me to "try the light from below, like 'dis." And the only one whose 'advice' I might follow... and so I tried it, reluctantly.

Loved it.

It reminded me immediately of all the campfire spooky stories with the obligatory flashlight pointed up from below. If there is such a thing as ominous lighting, this is it.

It's also fascinating what this reversed lighting does to facial structure and an otherwise kind face. And it was fun to paint Chicago Dave in this upside-down lighting.

For me, and possibly him, it was a very abstract experience.  ◙

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Don Gray said...

Like a super-spooky Santa Claus! Great painting, David.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

That is a boffo portrait. Mood and brushwork resonate.

Dan McAvey said...

What a fantastic portrait! I love the dramatic lights and darks, and I appreciate reading the commentary you include with each painting. A great blog to visit.

Anonymous said...

if that is d. steinmetz-age 47, have him email me at taphappy332@yahoo.com! Tell him this is Isaac Garcia living in Berwyn. I check my email once a week at the local library so don't fret if I reply slowly!