Friday, June 29, 2007

My 15 Minutes of Fame

Click to see it largerIf you don't count the time I was on Wheel of Fortune, on June 22, 1980 (it's true), I finally got my Andy-Warhol-guaranteed 15-minutes of fame.

Oh sure, you know me as the Everyday Paintings guy, but San Diego County folks get an entire article about me in the cover story of this week's San Diego Reader, a free, weekly publication that gets distributed all over the county at locations such as pizza places, 7-Elevens and Circle-K convenience stores. You know: places where wealthy art buyers go for a heads-up on up-and-coming, 50-year-old artists.

Click for Large viewThe author of the 8000-word cover story, Geoff Bouvier, e-mailed me in March listing his substantial credentials, and asked me if he could do a story about the experience of getting one's portrait painted. He wanted to write it from the perspective of the paintee but also learn about the whole process from the painter. Sounded interesting to me.

I agreed to it, and managed to work it all into my schedule, which at the time, back in March and April, was about as easy as juggling porcupines.

Well, yesterday was the big day, and the published Readers have been distributed.Click to see this larger

If you are one of my San Diego neighbors and you're interested in reading the article and owning a copy, run out and get one today... they typically go quite fast.

Anyone else interested in reading the article? You have two choices:


H Malott said...

Congratulations David! That is awesome! ~Heidi

Mike said...

THAT should be worth some marketing mileage, David! Way to go!!


Manuela Valenti - Contemporary Artist said...

I read the whole article, and I have to say it is wonderful!!

Congratulations David!!


Don Gray said...

Terrific article in the Reader, David--a lighthearted but very illuminating exploration of your process and philosophy.