Friday, March 03, 2006

Video-Paintcast About Painting

David R. Darrow's Paintcast™This is the first of many-to-come Video Paintcasts. This paintcast is about painting in oils, using a limited palette. It has photos and audio, sort of a documentary slide-show style, with Yours Truly speaking. Now, to be able to watch this 6-minute demo of my "Father Phoon" painting that I did for my Everyday Paintings series, you'll need to have the lastest, free, iTunes from Apple installed on your computer. Once that's all settled and done, you'll need to click this link to be taken to my Feedburner Page which will have a list/history of all my Paintcast Episodes. An episode is any one item I have recorded—audio or video—and posted, sort of like if I had a TV show called Everyday Paintings, and did daily shows. Using this metaphor, Father Phoon is the name of today's episode on my show called Everyday Paintings.
When you arrive at the page, you'll be presented with some options near the top right, below my photo. Choose the one that says something like Add to iTunes, or Subscribe to iTunes. Or, if you prefer, just click the "play now" button below any episode you want to see/hear. If you choose to Subscribe however, that simply triggers iTunes to always download the newest episode of Everyday Paintings when you start iTunes. There are no forms to fill out or information to give away: you're merely telling iTunes to check my podcast feed for new episodes. It will list any episodes you have missed, as well as downloading only the newest one (presuming your iTunes preferences have not been set differently under the Podcasts Tab of the prefs). Any "missed" episodes will have a Get Episode button to force that epsiode to download.
I'd love to hear what you thought of it.

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John Darrow said...

I particularly enjoyed the explanations of how you created the colors.