Monday, March 06, 2006

One-sixth is Still Not Zero

Well, here it is, 30 days later, and a cursory glance tells anyone who cares to do the math that I reached only 1/6th of my goal, which was, originally, 30 paintings in 30 days. Suffice it to say, some overhwelming events arose during that time, knocking me aside of that path. I should point out, that due to the nature of it's very meaning, I seldom use the word overwhelming. So, rather than looking to anyone for sympathy, and to be excused, I will simply accept my first attempt as a failure, and as I pick myself up and dust myself off, I will look back with a grateful heart on the paintings that were created—and sold—within the confines of the first 30 days, and focus on the upside of that as I press on again to do 30 paintings in 30 days. I am appreciative of those of you who are showing interest. Time to paint.


Anonymous said...

I would to bust your chops over this "failure" to "deliver" on your self-imposed "30/30" quota but the fact is I'm proud of you for just setting the goal and doing six paintings.

That's six more paintings (and, what, three sales?) that you didn't have a month ago.

You may not have hit your goal but it ain't chopped liver either.

And bravo to you for not making excuses, though the circumstances certainly allow you to, and dusting yourself off and getting back on the horse, er... back to the easel.

I'm enjoying watching and reading about your progress.


David R. Darrow said...

Actually, I have sold 5 of the 6 I posted. "Charlotte" was purchased after the auction, and "The Mexican Waitress" looks to be sold (auction still running at this time), if the bidder doesn't back out, and I have good reason to believe she won't. (She also bought "My Funny Valentine.")

Thanks for the pat on the back. I accept!

Anonymous said...

That's excellent!

I'm sure you can do the math... those "small" sales start to add up fast.