Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dressed Up

Dressed Up by David R. Darrow 6" x 6" (15.24cm x 15.24cm)
Oil on Stretched Canvas SOLD Collection of Madeleine Andrén
Norrköping, Östergötland – Sweden

About This Painting

I had my daughter pose for this one as I did with my earlier painting "Old Hat," and had her slowly turning her head in increments as small as a second hand on a clock, dipping her chin and lowering her eyes until I saw this little bit of light on her eyelid, and the light raking across her face to light the shadow side just past her smile.

This pose was chosen mostly for the lighting, and secondarily the coy look.

I often stare at people unintentionally, completely caught up in how the light is revealing the forms of their faces, subtle ins and outs or muscles, bones and skin.

I was looking for this as I posed her, and when I finally saw it, well... I can't explain it, but that is the pose I had to paint.

Her look, too, was perfect... something she adopted and kind of "got into" because of the old fashioned hat and sweater. She settled into this pose quite naturally, and I was once again delighted to paint my daughter.

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One He Loves said...

Hi David,

This painting is absolutely exquisite. The light is stunning!

Daily Paintings said...


Larry Seiler said...

Its a wonderful painting David...very good masterful handling of paint here, capturing the moment. Every so often I am envious of such handling, and I feel that now! Beautiful...

Artist Toni Grote said...

Beautiful painting! I love the composition and lighting.

Peter Yesis said...

Beautiful painting. The highlight on the nose tops it off like a jewel.