Monday, March 27, 2006


by David R. Darrow 5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.78cm)
Oil on Panel SOLD
Collection of Rocky and Judith Hafdahl
San Juan Capistrano, CA – USA

About This Painting
Sometimes paintings just evolve into something I don't expect.

This one is a great example.

Keith was one of my favorite models when I was teaching Life Drawing at a San Diego art school. For the most part, Life Drawing courses go pretty much the way they are depicted in movies and documentaries, with a live model posing on a stand against a wall, or in the middle of the room, with tiers of students seated or standing around with their large sketch pads drawing from life.

The 11-week course was structured in such a way that the model gender was alternated, so that the students could get experience drawing the forms and anatomy of males and females.

Keith had been at this for a while, and handled the rigors of modeling courses like a pro. Over the years we developed a good rapport, and toward the end of my tenure there, I asked him after class if I could shoot some head-shots of him for further study. He complied.

This started out as simply a study of the forms and shapes brought out by the stark overhead lighting, but then took on a mood of its own. The colors I chose seemed to develop into a moody, Great Depression era sort of boxing feel, in my mind.

I got a nice e-mail from Keith's mother in praise of the likeness.

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