Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Promise by David R. Darrow 7" x 10" (17.8cm x 25.4cm)
Oil on Belgian Linen Panel SOLD Collection of Svietlana T. Franke
Baltimore, MD – USA

About This Painting

Whenever I look through a camera lens, I start seeing framed pictures. Usually I see framed paintings, to be more specific.

When I saw this young woman sitting in this lighting, I asked if I could take some pictures of her. I told her that this particular lighting would make for a wonderful head-study and that I'd like to do a painting or drawing of her someday.

Getting around to it has been a bit of a challenge.

I met her in my second term at Art Center College of Design — coming up on 30 years ago — when I took the picture on which this painting is based. I mostly wanted to take her picture because I thought she was pretty and I liked her.

I found an old box of slides the other day, and when I saw this image again after all these years, I thought again that "this particular lighting would make for a wonderful head-study."

And so I guess I have kept that promise, just like it was yesterday. Only now I have no idea where she is. I haven't seen her since college.  ◙

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Todd Baxter Dawson said...


Oh my god-I'm not sure which one I'm more in love with-the girl or the painting... Beautifully done. I love the eyes just barely visible in the dark... And glad to know I'm not the only one painting from pictures taken many years ago... though my longest was 15 years. Great job!

Deo Volente said...

Magnificent painting David!
The mood is so perfect.

I chuckled at the comment about the 30 year old photo- there are several such photos in my files hoping to find their time. Perhaps now is a good time to look in the archives.

Though the chances of your model finding her study is not great I bet she would recognize herself!