Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ashley's Dream

Ashley's Dream by David R. Darrow 9" x 6" (22.86cm x 15.24cm)
Oil on Canvas SOLD Collection of Patricia Harris
Ragley, LA – USA

About This Painting

Ashley dreams of being a professional dancer. A ballet dancer, to be more specific.

She is the only child of a woman with whom I attended art school, and she has been raised with love and devotion. She is an energetic, healthy and happy teen. I met her when she was 14, and was immediately taken by her beautiful face, her attentiveness when speaking to her, her polite and gracious ways.

When talking to her she would look me straight in the eye, and would answer back with thought-out answers... full paragraphs... not the usual one word grunts you hear from most teens.

When she was off talking with her girlfriends, she would be fully engaged with them, talking, listening, laughing or breaking into song with them, but at the same time raising her leg high in the air, first bent at the knee, toes pointed, then straight up above her head, toes now pointed toward the heavens, all the while chitchatting with her friends who had seen this so often they didn't even notice, let alone marvel as I did.

She is simply a sweet little woman, with a sincere and lovely heart.

I hope her dream of becoming a professional dancer comes true.

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Takeyce said...

She's beautiful! Excellent, David.

Marnee said...

You should try capturing her in the ballet pose. Not as a ballerina, of course, too cliche, but among her friends. That would be wonderful.

MBStudios said...

Beautiful, well done.